Just Sayin’ – Issue 50

WOW. The Local has turned 50. Well, we have published 50 editions and are just about to make our two-year anniversary in September.

And they said we wouldn’t last.

Well, actually they didn’t but we have had a few people in recent times say “I wondered how you would go”. Which is fair enough – you never know.

We did also get some people in the early days saying that print was dead – so we made sure we had a fully readable edition online at www.tlnews.com.au But then when we delivered the printed version everyone still wanted a copy – even if they had already read it online.

In fact, some people we know have collected every issue! Oh, if the woman at Daylesford Aged Care wants to give us a call, I have that one issue you missed.

It’s all been a great journey – even though I hate that word. We have gone from strength to strength, thanks to fantastic clients who realise we offer the best advertising around, and great readers who keep taking home The Local – and also give us ideas on even more stories and features.

And we have built up a great crew. It started out pretty small. But now we have journos, graphic designers, photographers and columnists – all locals.. I think that’s important. Oh, we did lose one crew member this year – Curly – who we miss terribly, but Rosie is soldiering on with her diaries when she can be bothered! And Curly’s memory remains with “Pick me, Pick me” in honour of a beautiful cocker spaniel.

And we have no intention of slowing down. When we first started Kyle said “what happens if we run out of stories” but I assured him that here, in the Central Highlands, there would never be a shortage of fantastic people and places to keep us going.

You might have also come across The Little Local, a pocket-sized guide for tourists which comes out seasonally. It’s been a big hit and I reckon a few locals might have picked up their copies too. It has those important meal deals and a great market guide – along with lots of stories about locals so the tourists can see we’re not a bad mob.

Anyway, we are just putting Edition 50 to bed, and then it’s on with Edition 51. And I like the idea of The Local turning 50 – I just did the same thing.

And it was fun. I got heaps of presents – oddly, a lot of booze (they know me well), and it feels good. Not sad, not scary, just more in charge of life. Next stop, grumpy old woman. But much better than the alternative anyway. Just sayin’…