Just Sayin’ – Issue 51

I ADMIT it. I am a Facebook addict.

Well, sort of. I don’t have a smartphone or an iPad so if I am not at my desktop computer I am not switched in. But when I am at my computer I can’t help but popping into Facebook for a look now and again.

And when I do, I often wonder why I bother. There are a lot of photos of children and pets, which is OK, but I have no children and I would rather look at my own pet.

Then there are the inane comments like “in Bunnings, looking at outdoor furniture” which really just says to me you have told the whole world you are not at home and don’t really have a lot going on anyway.

Then there are the “done to provoke sympathy” comments like the simple “just so sad” which elicits replies like “what’s wrong lovely” or “things will get better, do you want me to come over” but you never see anything back from the original Facebooker. Mmm.

But I guess there are some I do quite like. Like when someone posts “peeps (people) the sheriffs are in town, watch out”. And then the string begins. Usually someone else then says “why are they here” and someone else writes “their (sic) getting unregistered cars – be careful” and then someone else writes “why not just register your car and carry on” and someone else writes “not all of us can afford registered or roadworthy cars”.

And then someone else writes “peeps the sheriffs are in town, why are they here?”

Good grief – but it can be quite amusing. And sad. One string was all about a kitten someone found badly injured on the road. It went for about two days from memory – people were ready to set up a trust fund for the poor thing but at the end of the day it couldn’t be saved because its injuries were too severe. The last comment was, oddly, “f..king vets”. Really?

I guess the thing I like most about Facebook is that you can keep in touch with people who have appeared in your past life. After living in Japan and England, and travelling a fair bit in Australia, it’s fun to see what people are up to years later. Not sure why I need to catch up with a girl I once climbed Uluru with when I was in my early 20s. (I know, you shouldn’t climb the rock but it was the old days and very much encouraged…) But somehow it all keeps us connected. There’ll be a reunion one day.

I joined my mother up to Facebook and she now loves it despite some initial protestations. All her friends believed it was an evil trap to steal everyone’s identity. Now my mother is great but would you really want to steal the identity of an 82-year-old? Just sayin’…