Just Sayin’ – Issue 54

ONE of the greatest things about being a journo is the inspiring people you meet.

Of course, the flipside is that you are always talking to amazing people and wondering what you did with your own life, but let’s not go there.

And it’s not always the big picture things that capture my admiration. Take the Casserole Club in Kyneton for example. I don’t know who thought up the idea, it’s national apparently, but what a simple but great idea for someone to cook a bit extra and give it to someone who doesn’t cook for themselves.

Elizabeth Hartland is offering her diner Deb great home cooking, a friendship in the making and the community more connected. Love it.

And then you have people like Joel Bertoncini who is running from Sydney to Kyneton to raise money for cancer research. The father of his mate, Little Pete, died from the disease so Joel decided to GSD – get stuff done – and run.

Now you may think “that’s OK for super fit people” but Joel has lost 40 kilograms in the lead up – proving that almost anyone can do anything if they put their heart and soul into the idea.

And proof of that idea is Peter Olver. He’s starting a Cars and Coffee at Lake Daylesford – all to raise money for the Daylesford Hospital, or “hossy” as he prefers to call it.

Again a simple idea but you need people to put them into action. And Peter has done his research, knocked on the right doors and from the first Sunday in October, vehicle enthusiasts can show off their pride and joy for a gold coin donation.

Finally Noel Beare. A mild-mannered Daylesford postie on a 125cc bike by day, a sidecar racing legend by night. Well, on his time off anyway.

He is well on his way to being crowned an Australian champion in the sport which sees him as the “swinger” on the back of a side car holding on with a firm grip at speeds of up to 230 kilometres an hour.

And he’s one of the older swingers in the competition but has no interest in taking up the sedate position of driver. Amazing.

Four different people, four different lives. But all ordinary people doing extraordinary things. What an incredible region we live in.

Oh, and all four of these stories are in this edition of The Local. When we started up Kyle asked “what happens if we run out of stories?”. That’s never going to happen. Just sayin’…